Welcome to Girl Travels World! I am Demi – the founder and editor of Girl Travels World. I was born in Sri Lanka but London has been home for decades. I started writing to share my love of travel. My aim was to inspire others, women in particular, to follow their passions. From what I understood, if a spoilt, entitled princess such as I could do it, anyone could.

I began writing about small things that I cared about. My childhood in Sri Lanka and a youth spent growing up in London played a pivotal role in my writing. It’s a duality I continue to embrace as I grow. It has given me an extraordinary perspective on ordinary situations and serves me well in travel, love and everything else. It makes this wonderful adventurous, magical ride of my life ever more precious.

My writing resonated with many of you as the response was overwhelming. This led to my social media following soaring in what felt like the blink of an eye. In reality however, it took me a couple of years to build a solid base. The journey led me to places I had never dared dream of. In 2017, I became a Lonely Planet Pathfinder and a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance; two things I had never thought possible. In the same year, I became a contributing travel writer for Seen in the City magazine and Tiki Chris. In 2018 I was commissioned by the UK national newspaper Metro Online.

In addition, my images were featured in several digital travel and food magazines and their social media channels including Huffington Post, MTV Travel and Tripzilla. This year, I was honoured to be invited to share my social media experience at Connections Luxury Travel Conference in Siena, Italy. Following that, I was also the social media consultant at Shangri-La, London’s internal staff training program.

I now fully and completely trust the beauty of new beginnings and the unfathomable personal growth that happens outside comfort zones;  I’m no longer a princess. I’m a warrior.


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